Sunday, September 21, 2014

Behind Enemy Lines on the last Summer Sunday

Yo This is Nicky and we’re feeling the bumps and broses of the new season as that Indy loss at home was brutal and Luck not being able to put a drive together really surprised me as well as putting a dent in my pocket book but as that defines staying in the ring and keep you your gloves up so let’s get to it. On Sunday I like the CaBoyz’ (-2) on the road against the Rams. I’ve looked at this and tried to find a reason why this line isn’t a field goal higher and I can’t find one. I know Romo’s back isn’t 100% but is that such a bad thing? Don’t get me wrong I’m not capping on Tony or anything but it may make Dallas finally commit to the run and they’re a much better team when they do. Maybe it’s because Dallas is 2-5 ATS over their last 7, but then again the Rams are 3-7 ATS over their last 10 when playing Dallas so make of that what you will. With no Sam Bradford and a week to scout the backup I still think the Rams will have problems scoring points. That’s the chowda’, I’m Nicky, you know what to do.

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