Sunday, December 1, 2013

Behind Enemy Lines to start the last month of the year

Yo, this is Nicky, we’re coming of a split as Clemson with right with South Carolina stride for stride after 100 meters (17-17), but unfortunately for us it was a 200 meter race and then they got left in the dust. But Stanford delivered in grand fashion to give us our split for the day. I’m sure we all need to catch our breath after the other college games even if we didn’t have a stake in them but money never sleeps so let’s get to it. On Sunday the meat is cut really thin as several lines are close to zero, making for an excellent teaser day if that’s your game but dealing with the straight line in the early games I like the Arizona Cardinals (+3.5 buy that hook) to play well on the road and hang with the Eagles. I know the Eagles have been playing well but so have the cards and I think Philly is due to come back to earth. The Cards are 4-1 their last 5 and more importantly have the pass D to slow down the Eagles offense. That’s the early chowda’ back with the afternoon games later. Stay in the ring and keep your gloves up!

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