Sunday, September 23, 2012

Late Evening Chowder on Sunday Evening

Yo, This is Nicky and although it’s still in the 3rd quarter there’s no doubt that the Texans are covering for fun’, I’ve already popped a cold one for this game which moves our record to 7-3 on the season, so it’s time to move on to the late game where I like the Ravens (-2.5 buy the hook) to take the Pats to under .500 on the season. It goes unsaid that there’s a little payback on the minds of the Ravens as they still haven’t gotten over wide right from last year and I look for Ray’s Dogs to take a huge bite out of Tom Terrific and that Swiss Cheese offensive line they have in New England now. The Pats couldn’t protect the Golden Boy against the Titans or the Cards and now they’re going up an even better D in Baltimore. Lastly, the Ravens are 8-3 over their last 11 games including 5-0 their last 5. That’s the late evening chowder, I’m Nicky, stay in the ring and keep your gloves up!

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