Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Behind Enemy Line in day time heat of MLB

Yo this is Nicky, and for all of you degenerates whom should be working and instead are on the book in the middle of the week I think we got something for ya. We’re officially on what they call in baseball “a winning steak” as we’ve put away three in a row and I like what I see on the board today so let’s get to it. In short I love it when I see clubs that are at home and are trying to avoid being swept in their cribs. Early on today the Dodgers are at home against a division rival in Arizona whom has taken the first two games of the series. The Dodgers are coming off a sweep of the Giants in which they made up a 4-game deficit with one series but are in danger of giving almost all of it back. I don’t think they will let that happen and the addition of Vitorino who will be in the lineup today should give an added boost of momentum. Corbin who is only 2-4 this year will be on the bump for the DBacks and I think he should be hit well. That’s the afternoon chowder on a Wednesday I’m Nicky, telling you to punch and get out.
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