Saturday, January 14, 2012

Behind Enemy Lines in the divisional playoffs

Yo, this is Nicky and I feels good to get back in the win column as the Niners never needed the points and won on the field. Sunday’s games are a little tougher to call but there is still some value on the board so let’s get to it. In the playoffs points are at a premium particularly in bad weather so it’s really hard to leave those on the board and with a game total of only 37 that means they don’t expect the Texans to get more than 15 points which I don’t think will happen, even though it’s cold (36) the sun is out and a running game will be intact. I like the Ravens to win on the field but 9 points is a ton of lumber in a divisional playoff and I’m going to take the Texans and the points.

In the second game I still shocked at the line. If you look at the big underdogs in the playoffs weekend there was a explanation that justified the number. The Broncos had a QB that had no business taking snaps in a Divisional Playoff Game, the Texans are starting a second string QB for all intent and purposes, but the Giants, who have won playoff games in Green Bay before, are healthier than they’ve been all season and arguably are the hottest team in the NFC right now. I’ve seen them as dogs before and hang close this game is a lot closer than people think and don’t be surprised to see them win on field. I like the GMen (+9.5 buy the hook), there has never been a Divisional weekend where all home teams have won and I think NYG may be the team to win on the road in this one. That’s the chowder, I’m Nicky, stay in the ring and keep your gloves up!

Yo this is Nicky and we have not played well at the beginning of the NFL Playoffs so we’ve got to try and get our mojo back and this looks like a good weekend to do it, so let’s get to it. On Saturday morning I love the Niners (+4.5 buy the hook) as a home dog hosting the Saints. I think fact that it is there first January football in nine years is solid but moreover in a year where not having a good defense seems to be an excuseable offense, the Niners who are known more for their defense, may have a bit of a cushion for that offense that is not so great. But they will run the ball well today, control the clock, and potentially keep that Saints offense off the field. I like the Niners.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Behind enemy lines in the National Championship

Yo this is Nicky and we took a pretty serious beating over the weekend our first ‘o-fer’ for the year and at a REALLY bad. What can I say, Pittsburgh and Mylanta simply didn’t show up for us so we gotta get back in the positive column so let’s get to it. In the National Championship Game I’ve looked at everything I could to find out why the number is what it is and I can’t see how LSU (+2.5) doesn’t win, what is virtually a home game, against a team they’ve already beat. After what seems like six months to prepare, they can shore what made many say there were outplayed in a game that they won on the field, and if Bama gets behind (they have not trailed in a game all year, even the game they lost) how will they react. I like the Tigers to complete the perfect season, win the title, and most of all beat that small number. That’s the chowder, I’m Nicky, stay in the ring and keep your glove’s up!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Behind enemy lines on Wild Card Sunday

Yo this is Nicky and no two ways about it we simply got whacked yesterday as the dogs refused to bark for us despite both of them halving a halftime lead. So we’ve got to get back on track on the back nine so let’s get to it. In the early game on Sunday I’m not going to continue to ride the dog horse even though she’s bucked me twice as once I got the extra ½ point with the Falcons to make it 3.5 I think even if they lose on the field, which they may not do, it will be a close one and this covers us for overtime as well. These two teams statistically are the most even of any two in the first round of playoffs in almost every category and if the give the GMen a field goal for home field advantage, then taking the number still makes sense. Even though the dirty birds are going outside it’s not going to be too cold in Jersey (40 degrees) so it won’t have the normal effect. That’s the early morning chowder, I’m Nicky, stay in the ring and keep your gloves up! Back with the late game shortly.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Behind enemy lines on wild card weekend.

Yo, this is Nicky, and we’re coming off a victory in the Rose Bowl and we also played a round robin for the first and hit that as well as the over was done by the end of the first half. Now it’s winning time in the NFL as Wild Card Weekend is upon us. In the early game I love the Bengals (+4.5 buy the hook) as this is not a battle of backup quarterbacks as Dalton has a full season under his belt as the main man and Yates will get a rude introduction to playoff football. Andre Johnson is back but not 100% and the Texans will be forced to get it on the ground against a good Bengal defense.

In the second game, call me crazy but I am going to take the huge lumber (11.5) and the Lions. That Saint defense has now been notorious for giving up huge yards, and points, and it’s not because they’re always winning by a lot, they just have some serious holes (258 pass, 108 rush). I know Detroit gives up a ton as well but back in the confines of a dome stadium the Lions will score enough to keep this close and dare I say, win it on the field. That’s a wild cup o’chowder, I’m Nicky, stay in the ring and keep your gloves up!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Time to go bowlin'

Yo this is Nicky and a Happy New Year to everyone I hope we’re all rested and ready to take on the best of the bowl season and the NFL playoffs so let’s get to it. In the Grand Daddy tonight you’ve got the “three yards and a cloud of dust” of Wisconsin vs. the relentless hurry up offense of the Ducks and which style will dominate the other. Simply saying “Speed Kills” and the Badgers can train all they want to but it can’t prepare them for what they’re going to see tonight. LSU was the beneficiary of countless turnovers or the Ducks would be playing next week. I like the Ducks -4. I was also looking at the over in this game 73 which may even be a better play. I normally don’t hit a game two different ways but that’s not a bad round robin, going Oregon, Over, and then parlaying those two together. That’s the first bowl of chowder for the year. I’m Nicky, stay in the ring and keep your gloves up!
12-5 college for the year, 9-3 in pro. If you have comments, questions on a game, or need injury and weather reports, list your question in the blog for answers. ‘Nikki the Fish’ in the Player’s Club chat room every Wednesday.