Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Behind Enemy Lines in the World Series

Yo, this is Nicky the Fish and as you know we normally stick to the grid iron and the hard wood but you can’t just let the Fall classic roll through town and not jump on board at least for a little bit so we’re going to go after the entire series rather than a game. I have read all of the stats and listened to the banter and I know every quant ever to grace a sports page has the Rangers in 6 or perhaps 7 (if they’re on TV and need to keep up ratings) but I’m going to look primarily at the qualitative info and take the Cards in 7 and get +130 for my efforts. Too many times I have seen the Wild Card team come into the playoffs the hottest team in baseball (IE; former defending champs San Francisco last year) and the Cards trialed the WC by over 10.5 games in August and needed all 182 games to punch the final playoff ticket. They also have home field advantage because of the “meaningless” all-star game played months ago. The Weather will also be to their favor as the Rangers will have to leave the comfortable warm weather to play in 40 degree and windy St. Louis. I also like big ballpark, that will help take away the long ball from Texas who has lived by it in the CS and LCS. Lastly, I think the DH or lack thereof, will be another factor that leads to a home field advantage as it’s another stick that comes out of the Rangers lineup. I would hit you with the quantitative data but you probably already know that. Anyway, that’s the bonus bowl of chowda, I’m Nicky, stay in the ring and keep your gloves up!

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