Sunday, September 25, 2011

Behind enemy lines in the NFL

Yo, this is Nicky and at this point we’re simply kickin’ arse and taking names. After another win as the Bills upset the Pas (actually we had the over) we moved our record to 6-1 between college and pro on the young season so let’s try to keep the mo going on Monday night. I like the Skins (-3 buy the .5) to go on the road and beat the banged up Ca’Boys. It’s not just because Tony OK is one hit away from the sideline, no Miles Austin is going to a bigger factor as Dallas often struggles to score points. The Skins will be fighting for a 3-0 start that they haven’t seen since (insert joke here) and that on top of the rivalry should be enough to get them over the top. That’s the chowder, I’m Nicky saying stay in ring and keep your gloves up.

Yo, how nice am i? Va Tech may not have made it easy for us but a 4th quarter score gave us our cover moving us to 5-1 for the season. I hope you’re on the train because I like what I see on Sunday as well so let’s get to it. In the early game I like the over, the old, the top (54 buy down to 43.5 if you can)in the New England / Buffalo game. The Bills secondary, particularly the corners have just been getting torched and the Pats hurry up offense should be no different, but on steroids. I look for Tom Terrific to drop a 40 spot on the Bills alone. On top of that the Pats still have given up a ton of points and even more yards in their two victories because they’ve managed to outscore them. if the Superchargers didn’t turn the ball over so much they would have been in the 30’s as well. The weather doesn’t get back in Buffalo until the second half of the season which favors a passing team, the defition of New England so take it and bid it and when you speak of me speak of me well. That’s the early morning chowder, I’m Nicky, stay in the ring and keep your gloves up!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Behind Enemy Lines in NCAA Football

Yo, this is Nicky and now we’re on a bit of a roll after hitting two NFL games last week (Cleveland and Atlanta) to run our record to 4-1 in the young season, and we don’t want to stop the mo’ so let’s get to it. On Saturday, unlike last week, there is some value on the board and early in the day I like Virginia Tech (-19) to beat up on 1-2 Marshall. This is a school that got hammered by 31 points at Ohio University, (The other Ohio that is not under constant investigation) and also has their best receiver out due to suspension, I can’t see how they’re going to move the ball. I know three touchdowns is a ton of lumber but Va. Tech is 3-0 and looking for respect, a road blowout will do it for them. that’s the early Saturday chowder, I’m Nicky, stay in the ring and keep your gloves up!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Behind Enemy Lines in Week 2 of the NFL

Yo this is Nicky and we got back in the win column last week as we hit BYU in College and the Cards in the NFL to improve our record to 2-1 for the young season. I didn’t see anything I liked on Saturday and it’s never a bad idea to do a research day. In the NFL I seem some value both early and late. On Sunday morning I like the Cleveland Browns (-1.5) to go into Indy and add to their misery. The Browns know going 0-2 may not mean their season’s over but it’s puts them in quite a hole with dates with Miami and Tennessee looming before the bye week. A loss and the best they can do is be .500 when week 6 kicks off. They won’t let it happen. Buy the .5 if you don’t get it.

In the late game on Sunday night I like Falcons (+3.5) to keep the game close against the “dream team”. I know the Eagles are an offensive juggernaut but they do leave the door open and are susceptible to give up big points on D when playing a balanced team and the Falcons are that, particularly at home. I know this is flying into the fire with the Vick homecoming an all but the flip side to that coin is that Hotlanta will be fired up for their first home game anyway and they will not be embarrassed. That’s the Sunday chowder, I’m Nicky, stay in the ring and keep your gloves up!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Behind Enemy Lines on Opening Weekend

Yo, this is Nicky and we got a notch on the right side of the ledger yesterday as BYU pushed Texas to the limit and kept it close in the process so let’s try to keep the mo’ going into the first week of the NFL season. I was liking the Texans to beat up on Indy without Peyton but got scared off by the double digit number which now looks like they will cover so we’ll go with another pick that I liked just as well, The Arizona Cardinals (-6.5) at home against the Carolina Panthers. I think Cam Newton is going to get his dose of adult education against the Cards today and like Zona to start the season off well at home. No stats to available to woo the quants with as pre-season stats don’t mean a whole lot but betting against a rookie is normally a good call particularly if you can get it under a touch. That’s the chowder, I’m Nicky, stay in the ring and keep your glove’s up!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Behind Enemy Lines in NCAA Football

Yo this is Nicky and we need to get to work and get some wins, momentum under our belt so let’s get to it. In the late games I love BYU (+8.5) at Texas. I think the Cougars can win this one on the field let alone getting a ton o’ points. Both teams have a game under their belt but BYU looked good in theirs and the Horns’ did not. Certainly not good enough to beat a veteran school by 9 points. That’s the late day chowder, I’m Nicky, stay in the ring and keep your gloves up!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Beind enemy lines in NCAA Football

Yo, this is Nicky the Fish and we took a chance and jumped in without any games under our belt and got burned by Oregon turnovers so we’re 0-1 on the young season and need to right the ship so let’s get to it. In the Thursday night game I like the Arizona Wildcats +15 on the road against Oklahoma State. The Cats don’t give up a lot on the ground and the CaBoys’ will need a balanced attack to cover that kind of lumber. I’m not saying the Big 11 won’t get the win but Zona has played a game too and should be good enough to keep this one tight if not steal it. That’s the early week chowder, I’m Nicky, stay in ring and keep your gloves up!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Beind enemy lines in NCAA Football

Yo, this is Nicky and a Happy New Year to everyone as we finally kick off the college football season! Now we normally would take a week off to gauge performance and then play the 70% winning system of playing a school that has played vs. one that was not in action this week, and we will still do that next week but there is something I like on the board so let’s get to it.
I like the Oregon Ducks (-3 buy the hook) to beat the depleted LSU Tigers whom will try to ride the “us against the world” theme but that won’t be enough to carry them. I think the line is more about the SEC vs. the Pac-12 than about the actual schools competing. The Ducks fell a little short in last year’s NCG but still have plenty of weapons returning and the experience should show against the Tigers who will have to start a number of freshman. Take it and bid it, that the chowder, I’m Nicky, stay in the ring and keep your gloves up!
12-5 college for the year, 9-3 in pro. If you have comments, questions on a game, or need injury and weather reports, list your question in the blog for answers. ‘Nikki the Fish’ in the Player’s Club chat room every Wednesday.