Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Yedar's Day Chowder

Yo, how hot are we right now? Coming off another win as the Badgers kept it close enough and in the end it was probably better that they didn’t hit the two point conversion. Anyway this freight train can’t be stopped so let’s keep it rollin’. In the Orange Bowl I can’t imagine more of a miss-match than what we see in this game. If not for the automatic bid this team would have been playing around Thanksgiving not on New Year’s Day. Anyway play the Sooners (-14.5)to dominate the Huskies for 4 quarters, represent in the last bowl game for the Big-12 possibly ever. That’s the late evening chowder, and when you speak of me, speak of me well.

Yo, this is Nicky and there is so polite way to say this other than we are simply kickin’ arse and takin’ names right now after another win with Oklahoma State easily disposing of Arizona to keep our streak going. Now on New Year’s Day things get a little tougher to call but let’s get to our games. In the Rose Bowl I like Wisconsin (+3.5 buy the hook) against TCU. The Frogs have talent at the skill positions there’s no doubt about that but the Badgers are simply too big up front and should be able to control the line of scrimmage, run the ball at will, and control the clock. This should keep that TCU off balance and off the field and keep this game very close if not win it on the field. That’s the mid-day chowder, back with one more game later on, stay in the ring, and keep your glove’s up!

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