Sunday, January 3, 2010

Behind Enemy Lines, Week 17

Yo, this is Nicky back from holidays and a brief vacation paid for with my book’s money as we’ve gone 5-2 our last 7 in the NFL, and ended the season 13-4 in college, sorry for missing New Years Day but as I said, I was on the island, but it’s a complicated Sunday with lots of teams with nothing to play for but let’s jump in the fray. First game you gotta go with the Ravens to cover the 10, buy the hook if you have to, and play them as a win gets them in the playoffs. I’ll tell ya, we’ve only done one teaser this year and hit it, and we don’t do it often but this is a good week to cover ourselves with a tease to guard against teams pulling starters late, so this will also be the first game on the teaser ticket, so the Ravens are the cornerstone for the day.
For the second game let’s stay with the same strategy and play a must win against a team that’s not in contention, the Denver (-10) vs. KC game. I know Marshall is suspended but it won’t make a difference as the Broncos can still get in even if they lose and when I found out this game was played at the same time as the Ravens (Denver can’t get in if the Ravens win) then it became a go. Even if Pittsburgh wins the Broncos can still go so they’ll have something to play for. This will be the second game on the Teaser ticket so it will be Ravens -3.5/Broncos -3.
Lastly, I like the Eagles (+3.5 buy the hook) against the CaBoy’s. It should be a big game in Big D and I know it’s for all the division but if the Eagles come away with the win they’ll get a chance to rest starters on the by week so there is plenty to play for on their side and I think they’ll get it done. Moreover I would really be surprised if this turned out to be more than a 3 point game. Also a great tease to take Philly up. Ok, that’s the chowder, I’m Nicky, stay in the ring and keep your gloves up!

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