Thursday, June 11, 2009

Behind Enemy Lines - Finals Style

Stanley Cup Finals

Yo, this is Nicky coming off a big win last night in the NBA (Lakers +2.5) an almost ready to cash in on our series bet as well. But right now we got Puck on the table so let’s get to it. Well, we picked the Pens (+115) to win the series so we’ve already got chips on the table and unique situation, because the Wings are giving (Det -200) we could take the Wings and just lose/make the juice, but that’s not what we’re after. So, I believed in them in the beginning and I’m not jumping off the train now. I know our straight up odds tonight are better than our series odds but don’t forget we hit a series game as well so we’re playing with ‘house money’ and it’s too expensive to hedge so let’s hold the position and enjoy the game.

Yo, this is Nicky, and things have slowed down a bit as the Stanley and O’Brien are going to be handed out soon but there’s some value on the board so let’s get to it. Firstly we sitting on a winning ticket playing the Lakers 4-1 (7/2) and 4-2 (11/4) but now there’s also a nice game opportunity to pick up a little extra coin. Ya know, I thought about a titular hedge (where technically we could lose both but it wouldn’t be likely) as if LA wins game 4 this series is over but when I saw that the Lakers were getting 2.5, I thought you gotta take the number. The biggest lead Orlando has had in 3 games was 7, still two possessions away from a cover, and they’re going to follow up a game where they needed to set an NBA shooting record and STILL didn’t cover??? On top of that the Mamba is blaming it on himself so ‘forgetabautit’ the Kobe storm is coming, take the 2.5 and collect on both. In the NHL we still have our Pens (+115) to win the series so being that the Wings are going to be the fav tomorrow, we’ll split the difference and take our money. Nice! That’s the chowder, I’m Nicky, stay in the ring and keep your gloves up!
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