Sunday, April 19, 2009

Don't fear the dog in the first round of the NBA

Yo, this is Nicky, it’s been a while since we’ve played NBA round ball but the playoffs are the best time to get busy so let’s get to it. They’re rally giving the home teams a lot of props in the first round, maybe too much for all of the parity in the association. But if they are going to give money away then we are going to take it. With that said, on Sunday take the 9.5 with Philly going into Orlando as that series is much closer than a 3-6, and take the 7 with Nawlins’ at Denver this evening. I know if the Nuggets lose then Karl is done but 7 is just too much lumber for them to cover because CP3 will keep this game close. That’s the chowder, I’m Nicky, stay in the ring and keep your gloves up! Check all of the current betting lines in Major League Baseball and the NHL playoffs in the Player's Club Room, or discuss the lines in the PC Chat rooms.

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