Friday, September 12, 2008

Behind enemy lines week two

Ok, so the Domers got it together way to late in the game to cover that kind of lumber and it cost us an L, but Pitt rebounded the way we thought and we ended the week 1-1 (1-2 for the year) so we got a little work to do. On the pro side, we had our cover in the first quarter and never looked back, I fell asleep at half and woke up with a wod of cash in my pocket. So we’re 1-0 there. Now some things are starting to unfold and we actually have some on the field activity to accompany the quantitative data, here’s where we separate the men from the boys and girls from the women, so let’s get to it.

I can’t believe that USC is only laying 11.5! This game looks so good I’m afraid of a bear trap, I mean I would bet this thing twice if I could. Numbers out the window, with or without Wells, SC has lost ONE GAME at home under Pom Pom Pete in that game their Q went down with an injury, but still finished. Moreover, for all of you ‘stat guys’, USC us 23-3 when it has had two weeks to prepare AND their average margin of victory vs. Big-10 opponents is 28 over the last eight games, in short take it and bid it. In the League I like the Bengals (-1) vs. that soap opera that has become the Tenn Titans. It would actually be an even better value if VY wasn’t wandering the streets in search of a Bourbon and a friend as they are better team without him at the helm. Ok, don’t shoot me but I like the tuna byproducts (Dolphins +7.5) at the Arizona Cardinals. That’s a big cover for an offense that has their franchise Q sitting in a hot tub full of cheerleaders instead of on the field. Plus I like the mo’ they showed against the Jets and they won’t go 0-2 without a fight. That’s the chowder, I’m Nicky, stay in the ring and keep your gloves up!

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