Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Nicky's catch of the day May 11

Sorry for the delay but we wanted to confirm something prior to game time so I'll be brief. Darron Williams wrist is sore and he will play but he's not 100% and we LOVE the Lakers +4 take it and bit it. That's the chowder I'm Nicky, talk to you soon.

Ok patrons, we don’t have any individual games to catch up on but there is something that I really like so let’s get to it. The Lakers (-6.5) is a great pick at home for several reasons; the Jazz have too many match-up problems - if they double Kobe, they have to rotate and find the open man, which they don’t have the speed to do. With Pau in the middle working the triangle the Lakers will get too many easy shots. Secondly, Kobe winning the MVP will be even more motivation and he could have a monster game. Also, it appears Boozer slump is due to a little more than just poor shooting. His back is sore and they will need his 20 & 10 if they are going to be game 2, and even without Bynum it isn’t going to happen. Lastly, Jerry Sloan will not let the Jazz lose without a fight, he’s a fouler and will be fouling in the last minute if they are within 3 possessions the Lakers shoot free-throws well and will extend the lead. That’s the chowder, I’m Nicky, stay in the ring and keep your gloves up!

Sorry for the delay but nothing has looked good enough to step in the ring for, just not enough value on the straight lines. Anyway, we did go 2-1 with the last picks improving our record to (25-6) for the year but this post is about the next round of playoff series so let’s get to it. Ok, WE GOT HAMMERED on the first round series going 1-3(Wash, Phx, Dallas), but we picked the individual games very well. Either way it’s time to redeem myself, so I like the Spurs -120(not a whole lot of value there), The Lakers even though we’re laying a lot of lumber(-320), The Pistons have good value because of the weaknesses that Philly exposed, so we don’t have to give the store away at -200. That’s the chowder, I’m Nicky, stay in the ring and keep your gloves up!!

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