Friday, April 11, 2008

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As the Association gets down to it’s final week things are getting tougher to call as the spreads inflate, that’s why it’s been tough for the system to find winners. Just the same we went 2-1 with out last picks to improve to 18-5 in the NBA. The dance has not been so kind as we are .500 as Memphis continues to defy me, so let’s get to it. Sticking with the Dance, I’m am going to take my first over of the year and play the over (133) in the Memphis/UCLA game. The quant data is overwhelming in this one as Memphis games have gone over in their last 5 tourney games, and 4-1 in UCLA’s last 5. This is a tough one because if you like Memphis you have to play the over and if you think UCLA wins it then you either play the under or stay off, I suggest the latter. In the second game there is just too much data that points NC’s (-3) way, they are 15-2ats after a non-conference game and 15-1ats IN non conference games. That’s a combined 30-3ats in games like the one upcoming. Lastly they are 21-6ats when playing against a team with a winning record. This is one of those games where either go with the numbers or stay off. Lastly in the NBA I like Dallas(+6) will play the Lakers tough as it could be a first round preview of the first round match-up, and secondly I like the Knicks, yea I said it, the Knicks(+18) vs. the Hornets as that entire club will be bustin’ it for the new owners to make sure they have a job next year, and even if the Hornets get out to a big lead they will be resting starters for the stretch run. That’s the chowder, I’m Nicky, stay in the ring and keep your gloves up!

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