Thursday, November 1, 2007

time to punch the clock.......

Well, I guess apologies are in order for jumping into the fire and playing Penn St. in Happy Valley last week that brought us back down to earth and our first .500 week. After going 2-2 last week we are now 15-8 for the year and need to get back into elite status, so here we go. We like the fact that Indiana is 3-0 vs. Ball St. since 1997 and there won’t be a lot of field goals in this one, so if they are going to win, they’ll win by a touch and the line is (-6.5), so play it. We like Bama at home (+7.5) to keep it close vs. LSU because of their suspensions, and injuries. Michigan St. (+4.5) at home vs. Michigan and staying at home with Oregon (-6.5) vs. Arizona St. once again, don’t let the number beat you, buy the hook for -1/2 from 7 to 6.5, but it’s worth it.

In the League last week we blew a perfect weekend by playing the over on Monday so ended up 2-1 and 13-5 for the year. Let’s keep the mo’ going this week, but you’ve got a little work to do. Firstly there are two games that you’re going to have to pry open your wallets for and buy some leverage. First by ½ with the Super Chargers (7 to 6.5) vs. the Vikings. Play SD to keep the mo’ going as well. Secondly, take the Texans up 3.5 from 3 on the road vs. the nasty Raiders. Lastly, Play Cleveland(-1.5) at home vs. the SeaChickens. FYI if you would have placed $100 on the Patriots on the first game of the season and let it roll you would be sitting on $254,000 right now. So, the question is would you let it roll for 508k vs the Colts (+4.5)???? It’s blasphemy, but I’d be on a beach in Ibiza earning 12% and not take the chance. That’s the chowder, I’m Nikki the Fish, stay in the ring and keep your gloves up.

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