Friday, November 30, 2007

Behind enemy lines...AGAIN!

Sorry for the delay but this was a tough week to get through, and after last week's 1-2(24-11 for the year) in college (our first under 500 week of the year) we needed to rebound. As for the NFL we got let down by the G-Men in a big way and it cost us our perfect week, so we ended up 2-1, 21-9 for the year. Ok, let's get to a tough weekend.

On the last regular week of college football it's rivalry's and championship games but some actually look ok to call. Firstly, we go to the Pac-10 where Arizona St's season went down the drain last week and they are a bit beaten up. Look for Arizona (+7.5) to play them tough as that game usually is close. You may have to buy the hook depending on your book but a little more than a touchdown is a nice play. Next we REALLY get into a mess with the championship games but after breaking them down I like the Vols (+7.5) as LSU is still hurt on the line and they have already lost a coordinator and soon will lose their coach as well. Lastly, I like Mizzou to keep it close so buy the hook and take it to 3.5 vs. OU in the Big-12 Championship. They are at full strength this time as opposed to their one loss of the year where their starting tailback dnp due to injury.

In the League, why play it safe? let's get into the biggest game of the weekend and play JVille(+6.5) at Indy. The colts are still pretty hurt, no Marvin, and the second time around when a team plays inter division, the under/over's reverse. Last game went over so look for this one to be low and tight, take the points. Next I LOVE the Superchargers(-6) going into play the 'Chefs'. No running game due to injuries reduces a team built to run the ball a table with three legs. Lastly, (if they can plug up all of the wholes in the ground from last week) the Steelers(-7) should take care of business with a chance to grab the #2 seed in the AFC, vs. the Bengals who have nothing to play for except pride, but they have already booked their vacation cruises. That's the chowder, I'm Nikki the Fish, stay in the ring and keep your gloves up.


Anonymous said...

What about Pitt/Jville? is 3.5 too much?

Anonymous said...

I think the Colts are hitting their stride and will cover. The Jags don't turn the ball over but they also don't move the ball real well.

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