Friday, October 26, 2007

Behind enemy Lines

Ok, thanks to "The Head Ball Coach" NOT showing up, we had our first under .500 weekend, but we are still 13-6 on the year in college so let's get back on track. I know the 'quants' LOVE Boise St. on Friday, and the numbers are there (7-1 ats their last 8 Friday games as opposed to Fresno who is 1-4 AND 1-10 ats vs a team w/a winning record)(Boise has won 44 of 45 WAC games!) as long as it stays at 3 you can by it down to 2.5 and play them to win the game. It's work, but that's the only way you can get some real value. Stay out west for game 2 with Washington (-3.5) to take care of business at home. I know it's a profile game but we're stepping into the fire and playing Penn St.(+3.5) to stay close at happy valley where Ohio St. is 1-4 ats. Lastly, we like West Virginia (-5.5) vs. Rutgers where they are 5-0 Straight Up the last five. Last minute addition we LOVE the under on USC/Oregon(60) Sanchez can not put up 30 pts. vs. Oregon on the road in his first big road start at SC.

In the League last week we were 2-1 (sorry about the skins) 11-4 for the year and riding some good mo, so for this week we like the Titans (-7)to beat up on a bad Raider squad. Once again buy 'the hook' down to 6.5 and get it down to a touchdown. The Nasty Raiders are are 1-6 in last 7 road games vs. the Titans. Next we like Philly(-1) at Minnesota where they are 8-1 ats the last 9 vs. the Vikings. Once again buy the hook. Lastly, we like the over (40.5) between Denver and Green Bay. Despite the weather Denver can put up some points at home and if GB gets behind they are going to have to put it in the air, which means points either way, Farvrrre interceptions or touchdowns! That's the chowder, I'm Nikki, stay in the ring and keep your gloves up!

Late addition, although you should NEVER have 2 bets on 1 game, at 3.5 we LOVE the Broncos at home if you can get it. If not pay for the extra .5, so 4 pics in college and pro this week.

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